Thursday, May 8, 2014

Raising our hands for friendship

Guys, no one told me that at the hint of good weather, everyone comes out of the woodwork. (Notice, I said hint of good weather because I'm still bitter that it said it would maybe be in the 80's today and barely got out of the 50's). Between various things at work (a coworker's last day because he got a new job) and visiting friends (birthdays, Chitown visits, and Milwaukee visits), I have eaten out everyday since last Friday! This is a difficult task for someone who can't have gluten (I'm all in on cucumbers) and is making my wallet a little lighter. Nonetheless our last week has been fun.

We took all kinds of public transportation to get out to a place where Adam's dad could pick us up.  This was us waiting.

On Saturday, Adam, his dad, our friend Joe, and his dad all went golfing at Whistling Straits up in Wisconsin. It's a really nice PGA course that is usually an exorbitant amount of money but they went for a fraction of the price because it was the last weekend of winter pricing. Since the course is past Milwaukee, I caught a ride with them to see some friends. It was a relaxing day of shopping, eating, and catching up while the boys had fun on the course. It was a fun but tiring day.

The last week has been filled with so many boring meetings so I've been practicing my sketching so I can pay attention.

Our friends Jenny and Brogen invited us to the Cubs v White Sox game on Tuesday evening because they got some free tickets. Who can say no to free baseball and friendship? Not us… Also it was BOGO at Chipotle for Educators (I guess designers at an university count because I got me some chipotle and was not mad about it at all!)

never mad about free stuff

sad but we needed the blanket and it was still a little chilly

Whew, last night was someone's birthday happy hour downtown. I wanted to murder my apple map because it kept telling me I was going the opposite direction I actually going but I eventually got there and we had so much fun.  It was really great to see some friends and a new place.

Hopefully this weekend will be a little less crazy but still fun ;)


Katie Cottle said...

Miss you! You're cracking me up with the cucumbers bit.

Leighann said...

Not mad about free stuff. Chipotle = GF. Whoop.

You guys look cute at the baseball game. We're really getting into baseball in our house. Ryan loves it.

I don't miss public transit. Just sayin'. Convenient and yet so not… (cue the waiting)

Have a great weekend. It's 80s here and I refuse to turn the AC on so we're sweating to death…. enjoy your spring.