Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We're leaving on a jet plane

Well, not a jet plane really… more like a moving truck and our cars. Adam got a job in the Chicago area so we are moving at the end of February. We are super excited for the opportunities ahead but also  sad to leave our first city together and the friends we've made. Good thing, we aren't moving that far away.

For our first anniversary a month ago, I had bought concert tickets for Adam as the more modern take on the traditional paper gift. Well that concert was on Saturday so we decided to try and kill two birds with one stone and see possible apartments on the way to the city. It was such short notice that we didn't get to see many listings at all. We did however, get tricked into showing up to see this 1 bedroom listing below. Not exactly what we were looking for in the Tundra up here.

We then arrived early to the House of Blues for our concert because we were more interested in seeing the opener than the headliner.

This wasn't the opener we were interested in. This guy lost more clothing than number of songs he played and he kept dancing on the speakers. It was painful to watch. (Poor guy!)

 We came to see this opener, Parachute. Adam and I have been listening to this band for a couple years and we LOVE them. We aren't big concert people but Parachute was really fun to watch. Their music is awesome live (because you can actually hear the words), they are constantly changing their instruments (guitars, piano, saxophone, you name it), and their main singer really knows how to engage the crowd (walking among everyone, taking someone's phone and taking a picture of the crowd, and getting everyone to sing along). It was so fun!

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Leighann said...

Hey! Don't forget to do a plaster cast of your apt key and a picture of the building so you can keep up with all the new trends of keeping everything you've ever done together as a couple!

And congrats!