Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh December

Since I didn't blog in December… like at all… I thought I would give you a recap.

I got a new niece, Piper Rose ;)

Adam and I celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary

There was a snow storm on our anniversary. Just imagine if this had been last year when we were getting married. We would have had a lot less witnesses at our ceremony.

Adam graduated from grad school. Yay!

(the hat was too little for his head haha)

I know it's a bad picture but it was hard to get any good ones when he was so far away!

I painted an accent wall in my Pastor's office to help him out.

* Disclaimer: I did not pick that color. It's what they had at the church. We're going to add some pictures on the wall this month to spruce it up….

 I saw Hello Dolly with Adam's family. It was a really fun play.

We gave some really good gifts: some funny and some serious 
These are all gobstoppers for Sarah. It was really fun to have her open them up in stages.

 Spent a lot of time with family.

Played a lot of games including bowling.

and just had a good time of reflection. I like this part of the year because it's all about starting anew. God sent his Son so that we could have a fresh start: a real relationship with him and freedom from sin. And with the new year, comes new goals to grow closer to Him and try to live a life reflecting that.

Happy Tuesday!

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