Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day

There is one benefit of your husband working at a bank.. Well actually a couple. 1). I have been to a bank less than five times in the last year because the husband just walks upstairs from his office to deposit our checks or get withdraws. Um, awesome. I love when errands are so easy. 2) Since BMO has such a presence in Milwaukee, we sometimes get company tickets to events.  3) He gets off government holidays that not everyone gets off like Presidents Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran's Day, which is convenient when you are full-time wifey and part-time freelancer. Yesterday was one such day.

We had to be normal adults and get some stuff done like grad school stuff for him and freelance stuff for me but we did get to have lunch and dinner together, which was really fun.

The restaurant was really cute so I'm not quite sure why this was what I decided my only picture of the place would be...

We have been wanting to go to this restaurant called The Soup House for almost 2 years. Adam saw it randomly before I even moved up here. It's only open from 9am-2pm on weekdays so it was hard to get there when I was living in another state and then now when neither of us work downtown. We have tried to go several times on days like yesterday but it never quite worked out. So we decided that yesterday was the day. It was a perfect day to go because it was really chilly and snowing. It was  awesome because they had lots of gluten free soups and even had gluten free cornbread. The funny part was that their menu board said that there would be a $1.00 charge for any Seinfeld references haha The only tricky part was that they only took cash or a check and I had used up all of mine at the Big Buck Tourney and we were $2 shy of our total bill. Adam ran to the car and grabbed all my change and had 32 cents and a Canadian nickel extra. He wanted an extra piece of bread so he asked if they would take his 32 cents and Canadian nickel instead of the normal 50 cent charge. haha They said he could have it for free but he insisted on paying them. It was funny.

In other news, my grandma (dad's mom) is having troubling symptoms of the early stages of dementia. She will be put in a nursing home or assisted living really soon because she can't live by herself anymore. Please be praying for her if you think of it. Are there any prayer requests from anyone else? I have a decent commute on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that I like to especially use for praying for others.

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