Friday, November 22, 2013

Our weekend

Happy Birthday, Lexi! My niece is turning 11. She went gluten free this year as well so I feel her pain. Can't wait to see her next week.

Last weekend was so busy!

Hanging out at the end of the night. Jack couldn't decide whose lap to be on so he sat on all of ours.

On Friday, Katie and I saw About Time. I loved it. It was a movie about love but not just between a man and a woman but about love between family and friends as well. It was funny, touching, and really  captivating. I would totally see it again.

Saturday, we woke up early to get a friend to take some Christmas photos for us so I could make a card (You'll see those later if I can get the card done in time!). Then we went to my first Marquette Men's basketball game. They were playing (the) Ohio State so Adam's dad and a friend of his came up to see the game as well. It was really fun to be there. Neither team could really score the first half but the atmosphere was so fun! I'm so glad we went even if Marquette lost.
We hung out with some friends later that night and had a game night. It was really fun.

Sunday, Katie and I were in Nursery. We were talking and catching up and I think the poor little kids were starved for attention so the little boy started using Katie's arm as his road for his car and the little girl brought her a book and sat down next to her. So we read to them and played with them for the rest of the time. They were so sweet.

After church, we had some crazy weather (no tornadoes like Illinois or Indiana) but pouring rain and some hail. We didn't have the garage opener but since we were only going to be home for a little, we wanted to park in the garage. Since the wind was really blowing, I didn't want to use Katie's umbrella but instead just run to the door. Well, I think the gutter was broken because the water was gushing off the roof like a waterfall right where the door was. I tried to use my key fob but it wouldn't recognize my fob therefore it wouldn't open the door so I had to run to the middle entrance. By the time, I got down to let Katie into the garage, it wasn't even raining anymore and I was soaked from head to toe haha 

We went to get some massages ;) and then came home to finish up some stuff. 

Later we had an awesome breakfast for dinner with omelettes and GF pancakes. So yummy.

Adam had to go to the library for a little and when he got back he was in the hallway finishing up a phone call. Little did he know that his little buddy knew he was there. Jack waited and whined by the door for at least 5 minutes until Adam finally came in. It was so cute.

Finished the weekend, getting ready for the week and hanging out.

Happy Weekend. We are heading out to the East Coast tomorrow. We'll be going to NYC from Sunday night-Wednesday morning and then having multiple Thanksgiving dinners. Hopefully, I can keep up with blogging but who knows knowing our schedule.

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