Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Girls Weekend

Last week, I came home from a Girls weekend to Adam having a cold (poor buddy!). The next day I woke up with a bad sore throat and thought it was suspicious to get something so fast. The next two days were even worse, sore throat, runny nose, pressure in my head, that foggy feeling when you just can't focus, and my body just ached so bad. I thought it was the worse cold eva! Until I really started to think about my symptoms (aka body aches) and realized I did not have a cold but the flu. It was no fun but at least I can cross one thing off my to do list… Getting a flu shot.

Anyways, I got the flu from hanging out with some of best friends so I guess I can't complain. There were 9 or so of us who hung out all through college and became really good friends. I think 6 of them ended up on the same hall freshman year and the rest of us just got pulled in. It had been way too long since we had all gotten together so we planned a weekend get together and it was really fun!

We got to stay at our friend's parent's beautiful cabin. Before we got there, I had expectations of a cabin like the ones in Wisconsin that have only dirt roads leading to them, no electricity, and no running water. But instead we walked in to this gorgeous space that had four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It was a perfect space to chill for the weekend.

On Saturday, when we weren't talking, cooking, stuffing our faces with snacks, or watching something on apple tv, we were out exploring.

 We went for a walk in the state park. It was beautiful weather and really nice to be outside.

On our walk around the lake, there were signs like this that had an animal and an exercise that went with the animal. We did all of them and had fun doing it.

There was this random set of stores called Pappy's (is that right, Liz?) that was kind of touristy so of course we had to check it out. Mainly we wanted a picture with this crazy looking dog.

And this too… we're mature, I know.

I had so much catching up with my girls and getting to just be with them.