Thursday, April 18, 2013

New book

My sister wrote a book and self-published it this week on Amazon. It's all about Ryan and their amazing story. He was born with his heart outside of his body and the doctors were very doubtful he would live. So doubtful they strongly suggested that my sister abort him but she wanted to be his mom for as long as God would let her. Ryan is now four and is the sweetest, most polite boy I've ever met (I might be a little bias )

I had a video but it wouldn't upload to prove my point of him being the sweetest boy ever (back in the summer John had wrestled me to the ground and Ryan was pushing on John the hardest he could to get him off me, grunts and all. He was so cute!)

Anyways, get the word out. It is an amazing story and worth telling. If you want to read more about it check out her blog or other articles where their family was mentioned. I'm so thankful for her example and so proud of her that she finished her book! Help us spread the word.

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