Friday, April 26, 2013


I just wanted to blog to let you know I'm alive hehe I'm been so bad about blogging lately. Here are some super random things from the last week just as an update.

On Saturday, Adam and I met up with another couple for a Living Social deal at a local creamery. It was for a cheese "factory" tour. This was quite a hilarity because it was just a store with some bigger rooms in the back. Not really what I was expecting at all. Oh and the tour comprised of this guy first taking us outside (OUTSIDE?!?) and pointing in through the dirty windows at various machines and then taking us into this other room and pointing out some other machines that were hard to see from the our vantage point. It was quite comical that we paid for it but I think we sort of learned how cheese was made so that was interesting. We also got 2 bags of cheese curds and some ice cream samples that were oh so yummy. So I can't be mad.

 Ali and Joe (Living Social and Groupon Gurus)
 Then we went to this eclectic cafe that was in a really cool building. I had a B.E.L.T (Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich). It was good and fun to say hehe
 Adam and I went for a walk downtown to get pictures of buildings that he wants to paint.  He is going to do a painting like the Chicago skyline but of Milwaukee instead. The blue sky was so refreshing since it's been raining here almost everyday for 2 weeks.
 There is a park right across from this Cathedral where they have Jazz in the Park every Thursday during the Summer.
This weekend, we did a lot of work on our furniture projects. Stripping varnish/stain/paint, sanding, staining, and painting. There is still more to do but it's really exciting and fun ;) Can't wait to finish our projects.

I finally bough Woman's World that has Leighann's article featured in it. So fun!

So my wrist pain that I wrote about a couple weeks ago has progress and involves both arms from my elbows down. I went to a hand specialist who thinks I have carpal tunnel (fancy words that basically means a pinched nerve). I think the doctor is full of it after WebMD-ing myself but nonetheless I have a test this coming Thursday to help determine where the pain is coming from and what is causing it. Hopefully, I can get some answers, The pain came out of no where and is starting to affect day-to-day things.

I don't have many plans for this weekend but that makes me excited. I'm ready to relax and get some stuff done around the apartment ;)

Happy Weekend!

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Leighann said...

Can't wait to see your finished projects!