Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Okay seriously, I should be productive with my life during finals week but I found this new photographer Clayton Austin. This guy is unreal (I literally think he doesn't exist because not only are his photos ridiculously good, his blogs/bios on his website cannot be written by a man. They sound too.... well, perfect) . If I had a lot of money, he would fur-hur sure get him to do my engagement, wedding, family, and whatever other photos I ever wanted. The guy is talented. His photos make you want to be in love. They're so whimsical and dream-like. I. love. them.
I mean, check these out.

Really? Okay I guess I'll go to bed since I have to be somewhere in the morning. But they're so inspiring and make me want to take pictures. So awesome.


Anonymous said...

two blogs in one day???? how did we get so lucky? katie

Evan Duszynski said...

I think i just threw up a little bit. He is good.

Anonymous said...

did you stop blogging because you think that noone checks your blog anymore since you only got two comments??? you are wrong, i still check it twice a day.
miss you