Thursday, May 20, 2010

7 quick lists

So the my job is kicking my butt but I'm coming to appreciate it so not all is lost... except some sleep.

1. I almost made it two weeks at my new job without being called "cute". I've accepted it and am now trying to see if that word will follow me all my life. I'm not mad about it though.

2. My boss reminds me of Mr. Incredible. I'm really looking forward to this summer because he's super nice, talented, and funny. He also calls me Dennis, which I find hilarious. (He calls me that because my e-mail is - Alltech is where I'm working haha)

3. Last week, us interns had to set-up a monthly event Alltech puts on called "News n Brews". It's at our brewery and is just an education thing about the upcoming World
Equestrian Games with free food and beer. Well, my fellow co-worker was in charge of this one and had forgotten her khakis in her dryer but needed them because a) that was our attire for the night and b) the prez of the company was suppose to come. She couldn't leave the brewery because her boss was about to show up so she asked if I would drive to her house and get them out of the dryer. I was a little nervous because I didn't know Lexington that well and the girl was unsure of her address because she had just moved to her house. (how this happens, I don't know... I'll blame it on the stress she was under) She told me the street though and said it was the only duplex on her road that had a "for sale" sign in the yard. "Oh and t
here isn't really anything in my house because I'm still moving in so don't think you're in the wrong house," she told me. I got there despite the rush hour traffic and pulled around back to make sure I was going in the right door. The door was surprisingly unlocked even though she had given me a key. "Geez, there really is nothing in this house. Okay down the stairs and the laundry room should be in the basement." There were 4 doors. So I started opening all of them. They revealed a bathroom , 2 closets, and a garage with a jeep in it. I felt really weird about being in someone else's house that didn't even have stuff in it. So I decided to call another intern who had been to the before mentioned intern's house to see what I was missing since there was obviously no laundry room in the basement. The other intern started describing stuff in the house that simply wasn't there. " Do you see the laundry room as soon as you come down the stairs?"
"Do you see the black dining room set downstairs?"
" Did you pull into a crescent shaped driveway?"
"No. I think I'm in the wrong house. I'm going to get out before I get in trouble."
By this point, I heard sirens and was freaking out. Who called the cops? Do they think I'm trying to steal something? The door was unlocked. There isn't even anything to steal. Heart. is. clogging. up. my. throat.
Got outside. No cops insight. Got to get in my car and get out of this place as soon as possible.
I pulled out of the driveway and looked up the street and lo' and behold there was another duplex with a "for sale" sign right in the yard and it matched the description of the helpful intern still on the phone. Good one co-w0rker.

4. There are some fun things to do around Lexington, which is exciting since
my friends and I are here. all. summer. long.
Open mike at some local coffee shops- Monday and Thursday nights
$1 dollar burgers Tuesday nights at a local restaurant
May is bike month so there are free concerts downtown and biking events
June 5th there is swing dancing on Main street in Lexington with a big band. I'm super excited. How fun is that? They even have lessons before the actually event.

5. My church is going to build a community garden and give the fresh produce away to the needy. I'm excited to get more involved with my church and community.

6. For some reason, I'm obsessed with baby animals right now especially baby horses and puppies. I just want to hold, pet, and take pictures of them and then give them back. I don't want to keep them, just hang out with them occasionally.

okay so this picture is huge and I can't delete it for some reason but it's cute right?
7. Tomorrow is Friday. That's all I have to say ;)


Katelyn said...

Oh my goodness. #3 was super funny. I'm glad I got to see you tonight my dear! and we're hanging out alot this summer! loooove you!

Kate said...

#3 was hilar!

We need to do all the #4 things together this summer! SOON!

Anonymous said...

So will I see you on America's Most Wanted anytime soon? You are so funny. Have a good summer. Love ya. Johanna

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. i haven't laughed like that in a looooong time. you are hilarious dj!!! ehem, i mean dodger, or dennis or... oh well. anyway, i love you, i miss you. it sounds like you're having a lot of fun. i also wanted to comment on #1... sleep is everything.
love you,

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and yes that picture is adorable

Michelle: said...

haha wow! that sounded adventurous! you're very funny describing all that! :) love the picture of the puppy baby puppies are adorable! :o) glad you are learning and having fun!!!

Evan Duszynski said...

#5 is going to be awesome and I'll see if I can't find and take a couple of pictures of some baby horses for you this week at work. We are going to a massive horse farm for some different stuff throughout the week.

Jenelle said...

hahaha... that is hilarious!!! best story I've heard in a while- the one about you in the wrong house lol

Leighann said...

i'm laughing really hard. all these are hilarious. and i love the pic of the puppy.

Katelyn said...

you are beautiful.