Tuesday, April 20, 2010

7 quick lists

I found this post that I started well, 2 weeks ago.

1. Mexican restaurants with only one bathroom are probably the dirtiest around.

2. I hate when automatic toilets start flushing when you're not done.

3. I think it's bad when you start naming the computer that you always use in the computer lab of 50 computers. It's also probably not a good idea to get mad if someone inadvertently takes "your" computer.

4. I got asked today if my real name was "Dodger".

5. In chapel on Monday, the guy in front of me was wearing a black shirt that was covered in hair. So what did I do? I proceeded to try and pick off each hair without him noticing. Unfortunately, everyone else around me saw me and started cheering me on. "There's only two more, you have to get them." " Two more." These two though were touching the shirt completely. No piece of them were hanging off, like the other hairs. I tried to pick up one of the pieces several times to no avail but instead to the laughter of those around me. I couldn't do it. Instead, I waited until the perfect moment, when one of the hairs were leaning just a little off his shirt based on his posture. I got it. I was eyeing the second one when chapel ended.... I'll get it next time.

6. Everyone is high-strung and short-tempered because there are only two weeks left classes, I being one of them. It's getting interesting.

7. I have no idea what I'm doing at the end of this week. I'm either staying here with an internship or going to Florida with an internship but neither one has been finalized. It's kind of stressful but I'm trying to trust God through it all.

8. It rained so much Saturday and Sunday that we had flash flooding yesterday. I even saw someone canoeing in their backyard.

9. I can't think of anything else but I just wanted to post this.


Kate said...

Number 5 = best thing I have ever heard

Anonymous said...

Number 6 doesnt make sense. Did you mean to write that?

Dot said...

yeah I meant it. What I meant is everyone has a lot going and are stressed so they are taking it out on others. That's all.