Friday, December 6, 2013


We had my dad's side of the family Thanksgiving on Thursday and honestly, I was so busy cooking, eating, napping, talking, watching my fantasy football players dominate and playing cards that I didn't take one single picture. Geez. We had a really good time. It was so good to see my dad, uncle, and grandma ;)

From my grandma's, we headed to Leighann's to spend the night and get the party started. The next day was pretty chill because our meal wasn't till 2 and we had so many people to help cook. It was nice (probably because Chrissy and Leighann did a lot of the work). Normally, we just have thanksgiving  at my mom's and most of my siblings live close so they just go home. Since we all traveled to Leighann's, it meant that everyone stayed all day Friday and a half of Saturday. It was fun.

I got to see Jack (John wants to change his name) and Jess a lot. I loved it.

 So many kids and smiles! Everyone made it but Johanna's family (sad face).

 Liam is so cute. He slept among everyone in the living room. On another note, we had over 20 people staying at Leighann's that night (and that was just part of my immediate family). It was crazy and fun.

 Uncle Adam teaching the kiddos piano. They were all so engaged. It was really cute.
Our family has developed a lot allergies/intolerances within the last few years so we had a whole section of the meal devoted to those that were gluten, dairy, soy, oat, and coconut free. Some of the kids have to avoid some of those things as well so when all the kids are running around asking for food, you have to make sure they can have it. Muriel is 3 and was grabbing something in the kitchen when I asked, "Can you have that?" To which she replied, "I not gluten free." Haha maybe we talk about our food issues too much.

Katie and Bobby getting their first family photos taken. They've been married for almost 6 years so I think it was about time.

Katie turned 30 the day before Thanksgiving so we got to celebrate together. She will be graduating with her Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2 weeks. Yay her! So proud!

We were the only ones who stayed Saturday night, so we got to see Frozen and get dinner with Leighann's family. I loved the movie and it was fun to get some more quality time in.

After a long weekend, we started home. Poor Adam had to drive while Jack and I tried to keep our eyes open. We didn't do a very good job.

Whew, 2200 miles later. We saw a lot of my family and even stopped in to see his parents, sister, and her new boyfriend. Success!

Happy Friday!

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