Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NYC Day 1

Adam being the Midwest boy that he is, hasn't seen all of the East Coast yet… He's seen a lot in America just not all of the things in my neck of the woods. So since he had a few vacation days left to burn and I have a more flexible schedule, we worked it out so we could leave the Saturday before Thanksgiving and sightsee for a little. (And people indicated that life after college was no fun… wahaha not true!) We made our way from Milwaukee to Pittsburgh and made a "pitt-stop" (pun intended) to see my sister, Leighann, and her family. We got to have dinner, hang out, and then spent the night. It was so fun ;) and we were happy not to make the full 11 hour journey in one leg.

Stayed in my little niece's room who is quite the host, everything was labeled including the trash can.

The next day, we stopped briefly in my hometown to drop off Jack, have lunch with my mom and Neil and see John and Jess on their 1 year anniversary! (Yay them!).  Then we headed up to my Aunt and Uncle's house, an hour outside of NYC, to stop for the night. (Adam had wanted to stop in Philly on the way up but the timing and the weather didn't cooperate with us.)

                                                              Riding the train into the city

Chicago--> Pittsburgh--> Baltimore--> NYC

We spent the entire day in the city on Monday, soaking up as much as we could. Since he had never been, he wanted to explore everything we could so we didn't take a tour (next time we will to learn all the history), go to a show (Monday is a big off night for shows because of the weekend and most shows end up coming to Chicago after NYC so we weren't worried), or go to a comedy club (we were a little bummed about this one because we would have but I lost my ID so we couldn't due to the 2 drink minimum at most places) but we did physically walk for over 8 hours and see a ton of Manhattan. It was tiring but very fun. 

So since we have so many pictures this blog has the possibility to be the longest blog eva… so let me try to be brief.

Empire State Building Selfie

Flatiron Building. Pretty cool.

The Italian in Little Italy.

We saw the Brooklyn Bridge. It had such fun views of the city. I loved it.

So hard to get couple shots when it's just the two of us.
 Seeing the city.

 We saw the One World Trade Center that they are building right next to Ground Zero. It was eerie being down there and seeing the gap in the skyline and remembering all that was lost that day. We didn't stay there for very long.

 We headed down to Wall street and saw the bull

 and where George Washington was inaugurated.

took more selflies because nobody got time to ask someone to take their photo every time.

Ate at a really cool cafe that had so many gluten free options we had to take a few more minutes to think before ordering. Loved it.

Saw this old railroad line turned into a park/running path above the city streets. It was pretty cool. I love when people revamp old things instead of letting them just sit there or tearing them down.

And finally saw them practicing for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was cool.

After walking for 8+ hours we went back to our hotel to just chill a little bit before going back out and both fell asleep. We are so old. Also my knee hurt and his foot hurt after walking so much. Again, why we are so old!

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