Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chill day

After sleeping in and getting our fix of Once Upon a Time fulfilled, we made some breakfast with my mom (she had taken off work-- yippee!)
Poor Jack didn't believe we weren't going to give him any of our food because we ate it all.

I then got to take the 3rd Annual photos of Johanna's family. (3rd, right?) These kiddos are growing up so much! I can't believe it. They are so funny and sweet. It was pretty chilly but they all had really good attitudes and ideas. Loved it.

This was my favorite picture.

 I started off writing on the chalkboard but then the kids each took a turn writing whatever they wanted. It was funny.
 I love everyone's expression in this one.



 Buddy and Abby

 She was cracking me up all day.

 Lexi was not afraid of the cold. I think I have the most pictures of her because she was willing to run around everywhere with me.

 "I like cookies to eat in the winter over the fire" - Buddy

Jack and I finished up the night trying to get a good picture to send Katie on her birthday. Then Chrissy and I headed to my Grandma's (about 1.5 hours away) so that we could cook in the morning. We were going to have Thanksgiving at Chrissy's house but my grandma isn't allowed to drive anymore so we brought the party to her. So glad we did.

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