Friday, April 1, 2011


Dear School,
you can't make me care about the last month of you so just give up.

Dear God,
why didn't you give me more wit? I really like it, I'm just bad at it.

Dear Spring,
Would you please come back if I begged you to? I really love you.

Dear Weekend,
I'm so glad you are here (well almost).... can't wait to get my homework done and sleep in.

Dear Family,
I'm sad that we are all far apart. I know that won't ever change since there are soooo many of us but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Dear Blog readers,
Aren't you impressed at all my posts the last couple days? Well, even if you aren't, I am so it's okay.

Dear junk food,
please stop being so good because I don't want to want to eat you.

(Problem solved)

Dear Google,
get better pictures of yummy desserts and junk food so that they actually look appetizing.

Dear babies, puppies, and all things cute,
could you hold on for a couple years? You're killing me right now. I want you all and I can't so please just hold on for some time.

Dear mind,
I know I was thinking of something funny and you know it too, so could you just remind me? thanks.

Dear creators/writers of Bones,
I love your show! Please keep up the good work.

Dear Booth,
I wish you weren't a fictional character. That's all.

Dear DJ,
stop being the stereotypical girl fan and posting weird stuff about fictional characters.

Dear Friends,
We only have T-36 days until graduation. Let's make the most of it, okay?

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Leighann said...

Dear DJ,
I think you have wit and do it well.