Friday, April 1, 2011

Job Market. Take One.

Okay serious, I think I just found my dream job (or at least my current dream job). It's love for sure.

It would be to work at Vodori. They are a design agency that was started 6 years ago by 4 friends and has grown to almost 40 employees since then. The website is fun and whoever writes all their descriptions is really clever. I was laughing out loud at one of their job descriptions. Also they have free lunch every Friday because it's well, Friday. And they have half days every other Friday because "Nature called and wants to hang out." I love.
Seriously? Who doesn't want to work for a fun-loving company like that?

Anyways, I'm applying for a job there so we'll see if my dream comes true. (I don't even want to apply anywhere else anymore.... )

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