Friday, August 14, 2009

7 quick take Thursday

Okay so I know it's not Thursday but I've been busy.

Last weekend, I traveled home from Leighann's a different way just so I could go to Forever 21. Yeah I'm crazy especially because I had to pay $1.25 total for 2 separate tolls (which I didn't really have). I had borrowed 50 cents from Leighann but I didn't know about the second toll and ended up paying 60 cents (of the 75 cent toll) in pennies. Needless to say everyone was mad and were honking their horns. haha

My dog apparently likes corn. I helped my mom freeze 50 ears of corn and basically the whole time, the dog sat and begged for me to give him some. But the really dumb thing was that he's now deaf so I kept yelling for him to go lay down and he wouldn't even move an inch. Finally when I was cleaning up, I put like 5 pieces of corn on his food and he ate the whole plate of food that he didn't want to touch before that. That's one way to get your dog to eat "his" food. (that last sentence sounds like something a mother would say about her "picky" eater except insert "child" in place of "dog". weird.)

My project for these 2 wks that I'm home is to clean out my closet because it is stuffed full of clothes that either don't fit or I don't like. (or one of my many sisters didn't like and just stuffed in there). So I started that project the first couple days and then.... kind of stopped. Yeah my room has looked like this for the last week. I should probably finish that before I leave.
I slept in until 12:37 one day this week. I have no idea how that happen. I don't even sleep that late in college. It was really weird. I woke up and knew it was late but I was thinking 10:30 or 11. It was such a shock to see 12:37. I was pretty rested but I hate feeling like I wasted my day. Also I couldn't fall asleep that night which is always a bummer.

I saw a car on the highway that looked like one of my friend's car so of course I sped to catch up (just in case). It was definitely not my friend but it did happen to be one of my old teachers from high school. Awkward. So I kept speeding so that they wouldn't know it was me. haha. I hope it worked or they'll just remember me as "the good student who speeds." But I guess that is typically of us "youngins" so who cares right?

I used cash for the first time in who knows how long it's been. It was weird to not have to sign anything when I was done paying for my items. I should probably do it more often.

Cleaning out my closet, helped me find the infamous piano jeans that my sisters wore. They are terrible. I don't even think they were instyle when they wore them. Well maybe they were but they shouldn't have been. They are so high-waisted, baggy, and have those awful piano keys. I don't know why my sisters wore them.Maybe they were just really dedicated to their piano playing and wanted to practice their hand formation at all hours of the day? Who knows but I'm definitely getting rid of those pants.


Anonymous said...

Where is my picture? I sacrificed my manhood to get into those wretched Piano pants, and this is the thanks I get. NO Love?

You know who.

Dot said...

it's coming... It's a work in progress. patience my man.