Thursday, August 6, 2009

7 quick takes

7 unrelated things to just show what's going on in my life:

one: I've been with my sister, Leighann the last few days and it's been really fun. She's blogging at this very moment and is right next to me on the couch. Yes, she did catch me checking her blog to see if she was done but really I could have just looked at her computer screen. Yeah.... and now we're both on each other's blogs while still sitting right next to each other. (imagine it. now laugh.)

two: I'm in VA and was actually cold today. Maybe my blood really did thin out in Florida. It was like 80 or something ridiculous like that and I had on a zip up hoodie. In my defense, it was rainy so it probably felt colder.

three: I'm back in the phase of liking the Jonas Brothers. I even had Leighann e-mail her friend who knows them to see if I could meet them when they come to KY later in August. Yes, I am 20 yrs old but whatevs.

four: My heart broke when I saw my little nephew in the hospital and then again when we had to leave him there and I saw the tears in my sister's eyes. But my heart was cheered a little when my niece just looked at me in the mirror and spontaneously said she loved me and gave me a hug.

five: My sister was reading her post outloud to ask Henry if it was disrespectful:
Leighann: ... "My mom use to have dial-up. My husband would refuse to use the computer at her house. He said he would rather bang his head on the wall. Luckily she moderned up three years ago by getting cable. Thank God." Is that paragraph disrespectful?
Henry: Change it to Thank Goodness.
LA: Did you think it was taking the Lord's name in vain?
Henry: I didn't but it might offend some people. Were you sincerely thanking God?
LA: Have you ever used Dial-up?

six: I finally met a couple that I've been working for almost a year. They are friends of Leighann and Henry and I was doing photoshop and picture projects for them. I've talked to both of them on the phone and e-mail severally times but never met them in person. So Leighann and I spontaneously stopped by their house and I met them and their 6 kids.

seven: I have discovered with my new haircut that if I take a shower at night and go to bed with a wet head, my hair actually looks awesome. (if by chance you don't think it's awesome, please keep that to yourself and don't burst my bubble, thanks) It's semi-wavy and has some body to it. I actually like it better than when I dry it. Part of that reason might be because I don't have to waste time drying it but also because it doesn't do the weird wave on the left side of my hair. Hard to explain but believe me it's bad.

Anyways this idea was taken from this blog which is actually pretty funny. You might have to scroll down to funnier posts but this lady had me chuckling.

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Kate said...

Um, yeeeah, can I go meet the Jonas Brothers with you!?!?!?