Saturday, May 9, 2009

Last 48 hrs into a few short sentences

moving and packing, I think are my least favorite things to do....
I cussed more than ever and my roommate and I yelled a lot, even sometimes at each other (sorry Marie) but thank the Lord we finally got out of that joint. Kresge and I are not on speaking terms....
On the way home we shared a 5 hr energy drink and had interesting conversations.
The South is a lot different than the North... but I like it so far.
I got to my sister and brother-in-laws house and my nephew, Adyn, was so excited to see me. It was so cute.
he said several funny/cute things including:

Aunt DJ, I have a secret for you.

----What is it?

I love you....

Hey Aunt DJ, you're going to stay for a long time. All the way until my birthday, right?

-- Yep and we're going to be friends, right?

Yeah forever

Mama, I have 2 questions
1) I don't want abocato (avocado)
and 2) Can we go to the park?

Awesome kids, I'm exciting/nervous for the summer. I know I have the potential to really grow closer to God this summer and also grow more independent... I really hope I will. I'm just nervous that I've so romanticize this summer and that I'm going to have a rude awakening... but it's whatev's, right?

One last thing, I'M GOING TO THE OLYMPICS...'nuff said.


hamesworth said...

I know it's weird, but some reason I felt like you blogged and I was right! Keep the nephew conversations going. Kids are so funny.

Dot said...

you would.