Saturday, May 9, 2009

I met my nephew's imaginary friend today when he named off everyone present and named one extra person. "Dolby" is his name and apparently he's just a little guy. Hilarious. I love kids and how they're not afraid to do anything.

Also I had to take care of the kids while their parents were surfing. Today was a fun day for the surfers, so that means they were out there for a while. It started off with Kael throwing sand at everyone, smashing Adyn's head, and destroying the sand castle. So I was like "let's dig a hole, everyone help me." So we're digging (that's when I met Dolby) and someone asks the kids how deep our hole is going to be. 
the response: "5 miles"
yeah right, kids. lolz

I love the beach and sun. I love my family and new people. Also Nacho Libre is hilarious. But I hate finding a job and waking up early. No big deal, the good outweighs the bad and the Lord is good.

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hamesworth said...

Kids rule. Good luck with the job searching! Whatever happened to that lady that called you? Also I probably won't be the first to comment anymore. We'll see.