Thursday, March 26, 2015

Things I learned on Whole30

Black coffee is still gross. Pass the sugar and cream, please. #dessert

You are going to realize how much free food people offer you and how much you still want that cupcake, piece of candy or can of soda.

Raw chicken makes me want to vom.

30 days is a really long time. You gotta get creative because even though you think Mexican food is part of the food pyramid, it really isn't.

Your sink is going to look like this the whole time you're on this diet. Get used to it and tag team the dishes.

Doing this diet while friends are in town is probably the worst idea, followed by doing the whole30 at all. (Thanks Marie and Jenelle for being so awesome!)

My guy is still cute even when we're on whole30. (Him and his dad ref together)

Even when you are hangry you still think it's funny when you're coworker uses this as a cup. You also think it's really funny when instead of the beverage making it to his mouth, it pours all out on his shirt.

After 30 days, you are still going to want a donut, which is why you are going to feel terrible when you think your body is ready for that.

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Amy Plumlee said...

So whole food 30 is no Bueno, eh? All my food takes a lot of prep and mess too :(