Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random musings

There are these dogs that are basically the campus dogs. Their names are Moses Elvis (it helps when you talk about people or dogs for that matter that you know their real name, someone told me today that I have been calling that dog by the wrong name all 4 years I've been here. good one.) and Daisy and they live at a house right near one of the girl's dorms. They can often be found playing together or with someone around campus. Well, today I saw Moses Elvis ( who is a huge sandy dog with a beard) obviously waiting for someone outside of the cafeteria. I thought it was cute but didn't think much of it. Then later I went to the library and there he was again waiting patiently outside of one of the doors. Later I came out to see him playing with this little girl and following her around in circles and in and out of the library doors. I don't know if that's who he was waiting for but I thought it was adorable how they played together. One day I think it would be fun to pick the kids up from the bus stop with my dog and eventually just send the dog to the bus stop. I've heard of those dogs who just know when their masters are coming home and will wait for them patiently everyday. It's just cool. That's all. My random musings for this chilly, cold day.

p.s. I would have had pictures of Moses Elvis but my new phone doesn't have a camera haha but at least it works. So I won't complain.

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