Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Throwing it back Old School

I should just be a secretary for the rest of my life. That's all I've done for the last 4 years at various places across campus. Anyways, my new gig is at the new media communications building helping out the professors. I really like it because I feel like I'm now friends with all of them so it makes it enjoyable helping them out with their various projects. The other day I got the opportunity to assemble a mannequin and dress him in the original Dean Jones jumpsuit from "Herbie the Lovebug". Dean Jones never graduated college but happen to go to Asbury for a short time so he gave us this suit from Disney. It was really cool. Disney even suggested what mannequin would be work the best

Fortunately, the corner where I work is surrounded by windows so when I had trouble getting him dressed, everyone could see me struggle getting the suit over his butt haha

The professor kept saying this should be my date for the night

There's props and costumes from all different movies, sports events, and shows in our new building usually from alums who have worked on the various sets. This is part of the Berlin Wall from 24 season 7. There's a lot of other cool stuff too.


Anonymous said...

your hair looks sooooo good!!!! how did you get your bangs to cooperate? i still feel like chopping my head off most mornings. miss you, love you

Leighann said...

very cool that you get to play with all those props. are you looking for a job in pittsburgh? just sayin'.