Saturday, January 15, 2011

quick list

Okay, Okay. I admit it. I'm a horrible blogger. I haven't blogged in almost 2 months even though numerous people (or maybe 3) have asked me to. So here is me, trying to let you know that I'm thankful you guys still care about me and read my blog.... or lack thereof.

Since my thoughts are so jumbled, I think I will just have to do a quick list to get me back into the blogging mode.

1. I played Sorry! and Monopoly with one of my nieces over break and despite my valiant efforts and occasionally cheating, I still lost. How do you consistently lose to a 6 yr old at games that have very little skill and are mostly dependent on luck? I thought that since I was older and clearly smarter that I would for sure win Monopoly but then those little dice would tell me to move my piece to the "Go to Jail" space and I would again have to try to roll doubles or pay to get out. Well wouldn't you know it, that every time I had to pay to get out and then my niece would win my money back when she landed on the "free parking space". And wouldn't you also know it, that one of the cards I drew said, "Let the person to your left send you to any space" and she chose to send me back to jail where the whole cycle began again. (insert sigh of frustration here) At least I still had some money so that when I landed on her block of spaces that already magically had multiple houses on them, I won't lose the game. . . this round, at least.

2. It was very good to see my family over break. I have realized that my time of being a "child" is almost up and that very soon I will have to be a real person with responsibility and a job. So until then I am trying to be intentional and enjoy my last semester of college.

3. I have checked my major/minor/general education requirements so many times in the last few weeks just to make sure that I will indeed graduate on time and haven't missed anything. I'm still good as of 5:00 today. I'm still scheduled to graduate in May haha

4. I am almost 100% healed from my tonsillectomy and feeling great. I didn't realize how much those things had sucked the energy out of my life. I had such a hard time getting up in the morning no matter how much sleep I had had. It was so hard to motivate myself to do anything that required getting off the couch. It was a chore just to make myself walk to class. I now feel great, I am back to exercising, and it's not that big of deal to do anything. And I'm eating real food again so I won't look so skinny. ( I know it's probably every girl's dream to lose 15 pounds but I'll have to admit, I don't like it)

5. Adam and I went to Red Lobster last night and ate some crab. Adam had never had crab so I was teaching him how to crack the legs open and get the meat out. It reminded me of all our family vacations in Fenwick Island. I know my details of those vacations are pretty vague but I just remember the brown paper, bowls of melted butter, and old bay seasoning on the table with pounds of crab in the middle that we cracked open with the crab crackers and hammers. I haven't done that in so long but it was really fun to think about it last night.

6. I have bought so many things on my "list of things I need" lately, that I don't know what to do with myself. I threw away some of my socks that were basically non-existent with holes in the toes, heals, and no elastic to keep them up and got rid of my gray i mean white camisole. I feel like I should have a party to commemorate me actually do things that needed to be done ages ago but then I don't know how I would invite people to it. Hey, I use things way past when they should be used but I've decided to turn over a new leaf and throw things away when they need to be thrown away and so I'm having a party, wanna come? I'll be baking lots of cakes with mixes that I bought 6 months ago and never made. Excited, yet?

7. I'm excited to A) go to my church tomorrow and B) that I still get another day to play and not do anything of importance :) Anyone else excited to have MLK day off?

8. I feel like God has been showing me that I'm not as perfect as I like to think I am. It's a humbly lesson that I probably should have learned a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

WHAT!?!? You're not perfect?

Anonymous said...

oh jeez, #6 made me laugh out loud which made jack look at me quizzically ;) i am still wearing sock with holes in the heel and toes... i'm getting ready to get rid of them though because holes in the heel are fine but i think i need to draw the line at holes in the toe because that just is not comfortable. I would definitely come to your party and i could bring some of the cookies made out of the mix that i bought 2 months ago and have had sitting in the freezer ;) i miss you lots, jack does too. glad you're graduating on time ;)

Lauren said...

Thanks for blogging Deej! I miss you.

Leighann said...

I'm late to the party... sorry. But I'll still eat the cake.

I will also have crab. I loved those vacations.

Natalie beats me too. I can't figure it out. These games are totally random, but she consistently beats me.

I'm glad you feel better. Low energy sucks.

Henry buys me panties every Christmas just to get me to purge my holey ones. :)

I relate to number 8. I think that will be a lifetime thing.

Love you!