Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm a Flordian

You can spot them from a mile away.
Pick them out of a crowd.
Yeah, I'm talking about Floridians.
The super-tan, beach-loving people you meet from time to time.
They get cold easily, complain about losing their ever-present bronze skin, and seem to all be in love with the Gators.
I thought they were all babies with their complaints. (Get a jacket, stop going to a tanning bed, you're gonna get skin cancer and it's winter for crying outloud, no one is tan. And who likes the Gators anyway? Not me.)
But that was before I lived here this summer. This summer has been one of my best summers.
I love the sun. I love the heat. I love the beach and the sand in between my toes. I love being tan and smelling like coppertone sunscreen. I love eating apples on the way home from the beach and listening to my nephews sing their own made up songs. I love it when they call me "Aunt DJ." I love observing my sister and brother-in-law taking care of their boys and each other. I love learning about God, family, and life from them. I love listening to Pastor Smiley's messages even if he has cheesy sayings and his name is "Smiley".
So I'm afraid that I'm going to be one of those people who complain about the cold, the loss of my tan, and the absence of the beach. But at least I haven't been converted to a Gator fan. That my friends will (or at least should) not ever happen.

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Kate said...

Haha, yeah, that was the only one I was concerned about!