Monday, November 10, 2014

Random thoughts

Often I think, I should blog about this and then I never do. So then I just start a blog post and act like it hasn't been days, let along weeks since I blogged. Like if I don't address it, will they notice how long it's been. Will they notice that's it's well into November and I still haven't mentioned anything about our summer, vacation, or my new job? I can only hope. So here's me pretending that we've been having this ongoing online conversation and we're just catching up on my new sitch.

So yeah, I am two weeks into my job and loving it. I mean the commute is longer (going from a measly 15 minutes on the bus to more like 45 minutes between walking, L, bus, and more walking). But so far, so good. I just use the time to read the section of the New Testament that we have to read for the day (Did I tell you that our church is reading through the New Testament in 8 weeks?) Yeah, it's kicking my butt. It's so convicting to have to keep to a schedule and read a lot but it's also so good. You really get a lot more out of it when you read it all together. (Shocker, right?). Anyways, I read it on the L and surprisingly have had 2 people in the same week ask me about what I'm reading. Never knew it it was such an ice breaker. But back to work, it's going really well. The people are so nice and the work is challenging because I'm getting to do different things all the time. I got to help with the set design the other day which was a new and fun experience for me. Just makes a huge different to work with people you like while doing something you like.

After next month, all our crazy changes should be done. We are set to close on our new condo and hopefully be done moving by the holidays. This will be my fourth move in three years so I'm excited to be settled in my job and our new home long-term.

Well I gotta run but hopefully we'll be able to catch up some more again soon.


Leighann said...

I love that you guys are reading the NT in a compact amount of time. I read the whole bible in 90 days a few years ago (like many, maybe when Ryan was a baby?)… I would love to do it again, but dread it too because it took almost an hour of my time a day. But like you say, I saw so many BIG picture themes that I'd never seen before. It was quite awesome. Can't wait to hear when you're learning.

Katie Cottle said...

I noticed. Glad you're back ;)