Monday, September 24, 2012

Colescott and Chicago

So this passed week was so busy. I was working on my invitations in every spare moment trying to get them out. So these are the posts I would have written for last week ;)

Working the Colescott Golf tournament was so fun. It was the 23rd annual golf tournament started to raise money for scholarships for IWU athletes. (p.s. I'm 23). Not being an IWU student myself, I don't know many people that are influential to the school or even other people who work here. It was fun to get to know other employees and and important people to the community. Many people I have heard their name or seen them in the alumni magazine that I have worked on but it was fun to finally meet them in person. It was also nice to work outside for a change.

Aren't we the cutest beverage cart girls? Repping the school colors ;)

We had to be at the tournament at 6:30a so we got to leave early. It was perfect since I was heading to Chicago anyways.

When I got there, Adam showed me my wedding band ;) We're getting married so soon. Whoop! 

Marie got to Chicago shortly after and we watched the bears unfortunately get stomped by the packers 

 Us girls got the whole day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. Shopping, tourists spots, a great brunch place, and boat tour.

There are painted golf balls all around the city. super fun. 

I loved the architecture tour and learning all about the city.
The tribune tower was our favorite. They sent reporters out to get stones from all over the world and then put them in the facade of the building. Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, something from all the states, and even something from the World Trade Centers.

Look who made it!

Adam cleans up nice, eh? 

Marie nannied for the lead singer of Third Day, Mac Powell, this past summer so he got us tickets for his first solo band concert. It was sweet. He started a country band and the small venue atmosphere was really fun.


The guys and their drink of choice.

 We went to the cubbies game ;) Go Cubs!

 We left a little early.. but the cubbies came back to make it close at least. It ended 6-7.

 Lake Michigan is so close to the city. So fun ;)

I was really silly and thought I didn't need my allergy medicine for the weekend. Ya know because I didn't have any allergy symptoms because the medicine was working. Anyways, Saturday was full of lots of sneezes so I just took a roll of toilet paper with me everywhere.

We went to the (free) Lincoln Park zoo. Lincoln Park is one of the nicer neighborhoods in the city. The zoo was really fun! even though all the animals were sleeping.

Everyone but these gibbons monkeys. They were hilarious. The mom just wanted a nap but the baby kept jumping on her, pulling her hair, and just plain bugging her. So she yelled for the dad. The dad came from the outdoor cage to come play with the baby and that's when the show really started. They were swinging on different things, chasing each other, and just plain monkeying around.

The mom mind you did nothing but try to nap until she came over to our corner to use the facilities. I felt like I was watching a show the way these monkeys were behaving.

Getting different views of the city

 Adam's roommate Nick.

We finished the weekend eating, of course because Chicago is known for their food. I felt like we were having a eating marathon all weekend with the deep dish pizza, burgers, cake shakes, macarons, chocolate cake, and need I say more?

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Leighann said...

I love the building with all the stones too. What a cool idea.

Love the roll of TP.

How did I miss Maurie nannied for Mac Powell? He is one of my all-time favorite singers. Seriously. His voice is so distinct. *jealous*

And last, but not least, I totally know how that mama monkey feels. I try to nap with my kids jumping all over me and I no longer pee in private either.