Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kelly's wedding

Jennifer, Kelly, and I

On Saturday, my fellow graphic designer tied the knot. She is a really good designer so all her signs and printed material were really cute and well done. It was cool to finally see everything that she had talked about this summer.

The ceremony was so Kelly. It was funny because  she was such a whoot. She is one person not afraid of attention haha

The ceremony and reception were at a huge mansion. It was fun. I wish I had known more people my age because it would have been a night filled with dancing but it was fun nonetheless.

The huge mansion

Complete with pool, huge deck, outdoor fireplace, and pillar canopy thing.

oh and a putting green.

First Dance.

Their cute cake and the bike topper (it's a little hard to see)

And now the countdown to my wedding starts but I don't know the number of days so don't tell me ;)

oh and p.s. Happy Birthday to Leighann! I wish I could share a piece of cake or whatever paleo form of dessert you are indulging in today ;)


Katie Cottle said...

Happy Birthday to Leighann also! I have a feeling she’ll still have cake. haha

Leighann said...

Thanks!!! I didn't have any dessert today, but it was still a good day.