Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take that end of the World

So I woke up Saturday morning and was in a hurry looking for my glasses because my sisters were waiting on me to go to breakfast. I grabbed my glasses in a hurry and put them on.... Woah, everything was so blurry! I took them off and I could see. WAIT, I could I see. I could see the alarm clock. I could see in detail everything in my room. The world didn't end but I woke up seeing better. Jesus didn't come back but in fact came into my eyes and now I could see. Wahoo! I had my own celebratory party for 30 seconds before it hit me. Wait, a second..... I went into the bathroom and looked in my contact case. Empty. I looked at my eyes. Yep, they're definitely still in there. It was the weirdest thing because my contacts didn't feel dry and gummy. My eyes weren't red and didn't even hurt but I took out my contacts and put on my glasses and went back to being a normal "half-blind" person.

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Abby Wilkinson said...

haha...I love this post. I was so excited for you at first!